Becoming Human: A Most Excellent Finishing School©

(curriculum development and implementation for children age 0-100)

  • A new supplemental or after-school program for children and young adults 

  • Non-academic, relationship-based educational programs

  • Focusing on 5 areas of development:

    • Martial Arts & Roughhousing

    • Nature Connection & Storytelling

    • Social & Interpersonal Skills

  • Meeting for 2 hour sessions during the week in pods

  • Register for 8-week blocks, rain or shine!
  • Gathering with multiple pods for outdoor adventures every Saturday

Martial Arts: Our Martial arts program promotes self-confidence, self-discipline, and perseverance, as well as the development of physical coordination, dexterity, and strength. Through play, drills, and partner/team practices, students learn how to listen and engage with one another with mutual care/responsibility/attention as they develop their martial arts and cognitive/emotional self-awareness skills.

Storytelling: Our Storytelling program teaches students to become storytellers by listening as well as by learning to share their own stories. By utilizing various storytelling techniques we teach them communication, self inquiry, negotiation, conflict-resolution, and collective problem-solving skills. In this process, we draw from content that emerges from their experiences during other parts of our program, their lives, and our collection of stories and examples. Stories teach kids how to understand their own inner worlds and expand their vocabulary for self-expression.

Nature Connections: In the early stages of our Nature Connections program, we focus on developing kinship with nature, the sense of responsibility and reciprocity that goes along with kinship, as well as getting comfortable and feeling at home in the natural world. We encourage our students to observe and pay attention with all of their senses to the inner and outer worlds in order to stimulate their sense of wonder, understanding,  and reverence.

Roughhousing: Roughhousing is semi-structured physical play where the idea is not to win. (Imagine puppies or kittens). The idea is to keep the game going. This kind of play promotes muscular bonding and connection, resilience, non-verbal communication, caring for others, self-control, and overall healthy psychological development.

Social and Emotional Intelligence: The social and emotional component of our program is woven into the whole program, and gets highlighted during circle time. In addition to the skills offered through storytelling, focused circle time provides the children with fundamentals of good communication skills. Our aim is to cultivate their self-awareness and compassion for others through the practice of reflection, sharing, inquiry, and dialogue. We use interactive games and activities to strengthen their interpersonal skills and sense of connection to each other.

The Areas of our Program:

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The Team:

Our Vision / Why A Most Excellent Finishing School?

James Huntley and Roberto Rodriguez

(more details coming soon! Nov 2020)

James Huntley, Roberto Rodriguez, Trish DeJohn, and Marta Gradilone have worked together since Summer 2020 to bring this vision to you! We are excited to have started this fall and love working together to create an inspiring program for young people in Eugene!

(more details coming soon! Nov 2020)